Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lemmings DS

Lemmings, Psygnosis' best game, already available for the PSP, the Game Gear and the Atari Lynx, has finally graced the Nintendo DS. Lemmings DS, the result of the dangerous LemProject, is finally here, and all for free. Go get it!

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  1. I have the PSP version. Can't say it's amazing but it was free so I'm not complaining :-)

  2. Free? I thought it was all comercial and shiny... Wait a minute. You didn't mug any PSP bearing old ladies, did you?

  3. Unfortunately the PSP isn't worth a night in the cell and charges of assault ;-) (maybe an iPod, heh)

    It came free when I bought the PSP, Tomb Raider: Legend and GTA: Liberty City Stories on

    Strangely it's had more playtime than TR:L (I played about ten minutes of that and didn't like the controls, she kept running into walls. I may give it another go sometime soon).

  4. And you expect me do believe this ridiculous story you old lady mugger? You should be ashamed... Tsk, tsk...

    BTW, Lemmings, Liberty City stories and Ghosts and Goblins must be the only games I would consider killer-apps... Tomb Raider? Shite as always...