Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh la la! Theme Park DS screenshots

Peter Molyneux's classic Theme Park, the wacky amusement park sim first released back in the mid-90s, made it to the Nintendo DS. Hoorah! Hop over to GoNintendo to see more screenshots of the Japanese version of the game.

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  1. If this gets a release outside of Japan (I'm surprised it gets released in Japan first actually) then I reckon my DS Lite will be permanently stuck to my hands.

  2. Quite understandable that. Besides, Theme Park being 100% euro-minded, I do believe we'll soon be seeing it around...

  3. I've tried Sim Theme Park and it was good fun for awhile, but it got old fast. Maybe this one is better. I was planning on getting the PSX version but I never managed to scoop up a copy. This would be the perfect chance...

  4. You're quite right there ross, it ould be a perfect chance. BTW, never knew of the Theme PArk PSOne version...