Sunday, January 28, 2007

Game Boy Color: The Colors

Being 100% compatible with the original Game Boy, Nintendo's Game Boy Color was also one of the first consoles to actually improve older games simply by sucesfully colouring them in. Don't believe me? Well, better load that Tetris cartridge into your GBC then and see for yourselves. But, even if the colors the GBC chooses aren't to your liking, you can easily choose a different color palette. According to Wikipedia all you have to do is press certain key combos while the GBC is loading (better have them buttons pressed before you turn it on) and a palette of your very own fancy will take care of your old(er) Game Boy games.
    • Up: Brown
    • Up + A: Red
    • Up + B: Dark Brown
    • Down: Pastel Mix
    • Down + A: Orange
    • Down + B: Yellow
    • Left: Blue
    • Left + A: Dark Blue
    • Left + B: Monochrome (Original Colors)
    • Right: Green
    • Right + A: Dark Green (Default Palette)
    • Right + B: Inverted Monochrome

    In addition, most Game Boy games published by Nintendo have a special palette that is enabled when no buttons are pressed. Any game that does not have a special palette will default to the Dark Green (Right + A) palette instead.

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    1. Interesting find, Father, and Tetris came with my GB system a loooong time ago. I still have my copy, the orignial GB, and the box for the GB as well (sitting on my gaming shelf).

    2. But, but,but, I found it! Tetris too...

    3. Oh thanks Gnome! Take all the credit for my great discoveries why don't you...

      Cheers Ross it was me actually...

      In fact I do most of the work on this site...

      Gnome has only contributed one very poor X Men DS review so far...

    4. LOL

      (hangs head in utter shame)