Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mafia Wars Yakuza!

Not so much as a review as an advert... having just got my Nokia N70 phone repaired (I dropped it in a rockpool on holiday DOH!) I decided to celebrate by downloading a new game. Whilst looking through the selection of games on Orange World, this little beauty caught my eye.

Playing pretty much as well as any GBA title, this point and shoot adventure is by far and away THE best phone game I have ever played. I would write my own personal review, but I tend to go on a bit, so I'll leave it to my good friends at IGN, you can find it here... Plus I just scored the best haul of games and stuff, including a boxed (as new) TV adaptor for my Sega Game Gear, four new games for my Saturn, 'Sanfransico Rush 2049' for the Dreamcast, the excellent new edition of 'Games TM' magazine (with a massive feature on the wonderful 'Night's Into Dreams' for the Saturn), and, with a bit of the old Father Krishna charm, a free 1MB Dreamcast memory card!!! So, there will be some new posts on this hallowed site, plus some new guff on the Dreamcast Junkyard and the Saturn Junkyard any day now... (Just as soon as I've played with all my new stuff and hidden all evidence of said purchases from the Mrs...)

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1 comment:

  1. Looks good, features Yakuza and you say it plays well? Well, might just get it...