Monday, January 15, 2007

Gaming on the go since 1978

HaHaUK has done the retro handheld thing and taken a look back at the evolution of the handheld, which amazingly began back in 1978, when Milton Bradley released the Microvision. The HaHaUK full and quite illustrated post can be found here, and it includes such rare treasures as the (horribly horrible) Supervision, the Sony PocketStation and the Timetop Gameking. But, really, where is the ultra-obscure Gamate?

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  1. The PocketStation was probably the worst piece of equipment ever to come out of the Sony powerhouse.

    Granted, I've yet to play a PS3 *snigger*

  2. I'll believe you and go on to add how impressively impressive the VMU was. Well, almost ;)

  3. Well done Gnome for mentioning the VMU, albeit with a tad of irony...

    The pocket station was a cynical rip off of Sega's innovation and whilst neither were much more than glorified Tamagotchis, the VMU was the original...

    The pocket station was a direct ploy to hijack the Sega audience in Japan to Sony... If only Segata Sanshiro had been asked to step in...

  4. Nope, no irony there dear father. I simply have enjoyed the VMU immensely... Sony, meh... always ripping off people's ideas...