Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Picodore 64: the Commodore 64 PDA

At last! Mankind finally evolved to a stage where a portable PDA (mini-laptop-ish too) C64 is within anyone's reach. Provided of course said anyone is quite a techie and can get his hands (or hers -let's not be sexist) on a mini-joystick, a PDA keyboard and a PSOne LCD screen. Oh, and quite a few AA batteries too. Find out more here (via).

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  1. Any more provocation like this and I'll be forced into a Treamcast post!! Remember the good old days like when we got comments on our posts Gnome?
    Ah! It seems like only yesterday when our joint venture had people reading our shit? 2006... great times man, great times...

  2. Great post BTW! God my disappointment at not having a solitary soul bother to check out my X-Men DS post has made me cynical, cold, and unforgiving...

    A couple of weeks ago a post like this would have excited me so much I'd have had to sneak off and crack one off...

  3. I wouldn't like to destroy this nice and gloomy atmosphere, but actually our readers have quite a bit increased... We're almost doing 100 a day, so people are reading us. Not commenting, but reading. That's something I guess :)

    Oh, and go on. Do your Treamcast porn-stuff! :)