Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finally a decent DS choice!

Well good people, I'm pleased to announce that AT LAST I've managed to score a good game for my DS! Having been extremely frustrated with the console (or at least my software collection...) I managed to grab something tonight which has got my pulse (literally) racing.

Having unsuccessfully tried to buy a Logitech PS 2 LCD 7.2 " attachable screen from the 'pre-owned' section of my local Blockbuster Game store - (in fact I bought it and it didn't work) - I decided to use my credit note to score a game or two.

Having scanned the pre-owned DS section extensively, I was about to give up hope when I came across "Need For Speed Carbon:Own The Streets" (DS). I knew nothing about this game, but I did want a driving game, having just got rid of Ridge Racer DS.

The price was very agreeable - a mere £13 - and I had a credit note for £21. Hmmmm.... It didn't take me long to decide, it was a foregone conclusion. So then, with an £8 balance, I needed to pick up another title... I spotted Devil May Cry 2 for PS2 (£7) and it was game over.

Now with RE:DS, Fifa 07 and NFSC:OTS, I feel that I've got the right variety of software to provide me with a decent variety of game play. Plus I've still got Project Rub for a bit of silliness and X Men DS to complete...

The balance of my karma is restored and all is well with the world for now... Happy days!

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  1. Ah yes dear Father... Project Rub was an excellent recomendation of yours (I'm still playing it) so I guess I'll go for NFS too. Lovely post and glad to see a change in your DS gaming luck ;)

  2. So are you *intentionally* trying to play nothing but crappy third-party releases on your DS? If you stuck to Nintendo's releases, you'd be much happier ...

  3. Oh dear God. Another game based on a movie. Looks like the outcome of Xmen will be a disaster.

  4. Well flojo mojo, our dear Father looks happy, so I guess right now he doesn't need Nintendo's releases. Maybe in the future...

    Anyway, Father K, are you aware that Devil May Cry 2 is the worst game in the series? It's not a terrible game, after all, I played it too (as a fan I needed to play every game), but if you like it and don't yet have DMC1 or 3, I strongly recommend getting one of those (specially 3, in it's special edition), for they're much better games.

  5. "So are you *intentionally* trying to play nothing but crappy third-party releases on your DS? If you stuck to Nintendo's releases, you'd be much happier ..."

    Actually I'm not at all fussed about Mario, Link or Samus, and I dare say that the normal fayre that suits most gamers suits me...

    Need For Speed gets a 7.5 (good) rating from IGN, as does Fifa '07.

    I love Resident Evil in any shape or form, and having a version that I can play on the go or while my Mrs. is watching the telly suits me fine...

    As for X Men, it's actually not that bad and was one of the very first games that I played on the DS, so it has happy memories for me.

    As for Project Rub, its fabulous. Produced by Sonic Team to display the marvels of the DS.

    Taste in gaming is subjective (as in all things). A gourmet chef may look down on my love for burger and chips, a fine wine conoisseur might wonder why I love pints of cider, a classical musician might be perplexed by my love of the Clash.

    I like the games I like... I loved Blue Stinger on The Dreamcast. Go figue... Sorry if my tastes are not up to your standards.

    Oh and Nebacha, it was cheap, I'd never played any of the franchise so wanted to give it a go, at some time I'll play the other two... :0

  6. Sorry that should read "suits normal gamers doesn't always suit me..." :)

  7. "Oh and Nebacha, it was cheap, I'd never played any of the franchise so wanted to give it a go"

    I thought so, but now I'm sure. Anyway, take my advice, if you like it and want to try the rest of the series you may want to play DMC1 next (the very first game I played for the PS2, ahhh, the memories...) and finally the master piece called DMC 3.

    "I love Resident Evil in any shape or form"

    MY GAWD!!! Sometime ago that was something I thought I would never hear from you! :)

  8. Yip Nebacha, I'm a fickle b'stard... I love/hate Resident Evil, but mostly love it ... LOADS!

    Occasionally I want to disown the whole franchise, but mostly I want to embrace it...

    Basically, as both Gnome and Elderly have realised, I've got needs, and I'm special...

    I'm Special Needs...


  9. (pppssst... Nebacha... it's when he smiles his at his most homicidal...)

  10. (thanks for the advice gnome...)

  11. (yeah, yeah, now let's get outta here)

  12. Now Gnome, stop that... You know I'm a being of light... :) :) :) :)

  13. Always thought it was a creature afraid of light, really...