Monday, September 24, 2007

Metal Slug 7 DS Video and ..uh.. stuff

As we previously mentioned Meta Slug 7 is indeed coming to the Nintendo DS, which can easily be considered nice. Now, the gameplay video you've hopefully just watched proves this will be a proper, action-packed and beautifully 2D Metal Slug game, whereas Kotaku's brief hands-on reveals the role of the second DS screen: it's a level map. Right. Here's an IGN preview too.

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  1. I was expecting something more...impressive...

    Anyway, as a fan I would love to play it, but it's not enough to make me want a DS. I'd rather go play Metal Slug Anthology again...

  2. Actually, the new videos that hit are way more impressive. This is shaping up to be a brilliant game... BTW, know if Metal slug Anthology made it to the PC?

  3. Now I'm worried. Saw a video on gametrailers that supposedly was MS7 but that level was an exact replica of the first level in MS3, I think.

    As for the Anthology, as far as I know it's only available for PS2, PSP and Wii.

  4. Doesn't sound good then, does it? Still, I've never owned a Metal Slug game and the Wii version just doesn't feel right... I mean come on... motion control?

  5. You can still play MS 1 to 5 on the pc. MAME supports 1, 2, 3 and X. As for 4 and 5 you can either try Neorage or another arcade emulator which name I can't seem to recall right now.

    So, unless you want to play Metal Slug 6, a game you can only play on Anthology (or in the original arcade, of course), you can still have fun with your pc, some emulators and the game's roms.

  6. Indeed, indeed, it simply didn't cross my mind... Excellent. Once again, thanks a ton Nebacha!