Friday, September 07, 2007

FIFA 08 brings footie on your DS handheld

Never been much of a FIFA fan and probably never will, but EA's FIFA 08 for the Nintendo DS is looking rather sweet. previewed the thing and pretty much enjoyed it, whereas its key features (published @ Nintencast-among other places) include interesting bits like online play, manual goalkeeping, 30 leagues & 14,000 authentic footballer, scenarios, custom formations, and even some decent AI. Oh, and this FIFA 08 gameplay video doesn't seem half bad either.

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  1. I've been pretty much DS static since my purchase of Tomb Raider Legends, its damn frustrating save system leaves me so frustrated that I've all but given up on the thing... I could be trading that and Sonic Rush for something soon... Maybe this could be the one? My only forray into sports on the Ds has been Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, (which didn't grab me...) and Tiger Woods Golf (which was OK, but not great...) I have to consider my next DS purchase really carefully...

  2. A wise decision if I may say... Also I do think that with football being inherently more interesting than golf, basketball & other silly sports is quite more promising... Think I might grab one too.