Monday, September 10, 2007

The Simpsons Game: DS gameplay video & preview

Even though the Simpsons movie wasn't perfect (merely very good) and most Simpsons games of yore have been less than stellar, I do have a particularly good feeling about the forthcoming Nintendo DS The Simpsons Game by EA (official website). After you've watched the above gameplay video, thought about playing with a little Homer digital pet and read this preview you'll surely have one too.

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  1. Unfortunately you can't give beer to your pet Homer, just buzz cola :(

    The game looks promising, though. I'll even say it looks better than the 128 bit versions.

  2. I'm intrigued by this game and have enjoyed a couple of Simpsons titles in the past... But I'm still mad at EA for saying it was coming out on the Dreamcast and suckering me into believing it like a gullible fool...

  3. Buzz Cola is indeed ridiculous. Good ol' pointless american conservatives are at fault me thinks... Anyway, it definitely looks more promising than the X360 version.

    You're definitely right Father.. EA did play a part in the demise of the Dreamcast. Recent readings though show the console was a priori doomed...