Sunday, September 30, 2007

Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command PSP trailer

When I first posted on the forthcoming Warhammer 40k: Squad Command turn-based strategy offering, I definitely couldn't imagine it would sport the production values evident in the PSP trailer above. I mean, look at it. That's almost Starcraft quality... Now, it would be nice having a DS trailer to look at too...

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  1. Is this a direct sequel?

  2. Impressive!

    The visual style seems directly taken from the pc game Dawn of War, something I liked, being somewhat a fan of that game (never actually bought the game, but loved the demo).

  3. oh megod oh mygod.. oh wow.. (blows dust of his psp....) i got a psp... this game makes it ok to love my psp again... (kisses psp...)

  4. A direct sequel of what?

    Indeed Nebacha. That's what it reminded me of too, even though it's gonna be a radically different game. Oh, and Dawn of War is excellent.. you should probably though get its expansions too. Great value.

    Ahhh.. that 's so sweet Elderly. I knew you two would work things out...