Monday, October 01, 2007

And round and round we go...

About this time last year, I was almost wetting myself with excitement, that the mighty Gnome had allowed me to become a team member on one of his blogs. You have to understand the fact that at the time, people like Gnome, Elderly, Deitrix, Tomleecee etc. were like rockstars or filmstars to me... I held them in that high esteem!

Since then, I've got a bit slack in that department, and I've neglected my duties on GGOTG. At one point, I was the mainstay of this particular place, but recently, I've turned into an occasional visitor, and when I do get to come here, I just chat crap.

Well, in keeping with that tradition, I thought I'd sneak in here and tell you where my particular handheld gaming situation was at... I've been having a bit of a DS crisis of late. At one point the DS was my favourite console. I just loved its stylus/microphone interactivity. The innovation of Nintendo's massively popular handheld just had me under its spell...

And then WHOOMPF! It was like the DS had just lost all its attractiveness to me... Nothing excited me and it go tossed aside... Hence my inability to post anything of any relevance here on GGOTG.

Tonight, I looked at my DS stash... Tomb Raider Legends... (Ball ache) Sonic Rush (MEH) Ridge Racer DS (not bad... at least it had the one cart two player option), but basically nothing was floating my DS boat... Then it was that I read a Fifa 08 post by Gnome. Footie games? DS? Maybe...

There was a window of opportunity... I was out at Currys with Mrs. K, buying a Hoover... She was flexing her credit card... it wasn't 'real' cash from the family budget. I casually suggested that as we were getting stuff on credit, I might sneak in a game as well... Mrs. K had her guard down and agreed... the choice at Curry's was limited. God Of War for PS2 or Fifa 08 for DS?

I grabbed Fifa and made for the till... YES! BUT NO!!!! When I got home, I realised I'd just scored Fifa 07 for full price... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

So I was stuck with the last seasons footie game, with none of the enticing extras of this season's fayre... SHIT!!!

Still, maybe some trade in potential at Gamestation? No... I traded in Ridge Racer, Tomb Raider Legends and Sonic Rush while keeping hold of Fifa 07 for... (wait for it) RE DS!!!!!!!!

Now any of you who know how much I bitched about this game on GGOTG, will know how much of a love/hate relationship I had with this game! It really did my head in! But still, it represents the best time I had with my DS, and as such, was a worthwhile purchase... (I think...)

Only time will tell... Until then, its a very mixed up, fragile and confused FK signing off until next time... (probably December) saying "Goodnight dear children, wherever you are..."

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  1. elderly with no id card10/01/2007 2:41 AM

    Rockstars? are you kiddin... for a start just look at this belly (rolls up t-shirt shows FK his belly...) and Gnome? hardly tall enough to reach a microphone... and now you score fifa 07... right me lad we're off to specsavers.....

  2. Well, for your information Elderly, there are lovely wireless mics and Jim morrison wasn't tall either. Heh. At least dear Father recognized my true brilliance as the one and future git/gnome.

    Oh, and Father, that was a most interesting post. As honest as they get. Now, why not try some of them highly rated NDS games?

  3. I can empathize.

    While the DS has seen a steady stream of new releases, none of them have really been very enthralling. Drawn to Life is fun but it's easy. Rune Factory just isn't doing much for me to buy it. And I've been waiting so long on Phantom Hourglass, I've somewhat lost interest. Luminous Arc has its problems, and I can't get Anno 1701 for the DS in the US.

    A few good games are coming out this fall, but the question often for me is "Do I want this game on the DS, the Wii or some other platform?"

    I think Warhammer 40,000 looks like the best bet for this fall. If GGOTG isn't offering multiplayer sessions for that game . . . . :)

  4. "God Of War for PS2 or Fifa 08 for DS?"

    Oh, Father, such an easy choice...

    God of War, of course! If you like action games, that is... And GoW 2 is even better!

    Anyway, as gnome wisely advices, go for highly rated games.

  5. Multiplayer sessions huh guttertalk? Well we're offering them of course, but as our multiplaying expertise just sort of popped out for a sec, would you mind elaborating please?

    Indeed Nebacha and metacritic would be a fine place to start...

  6. I've finally mad a good choice... (see above!)