Friday, June 01, 2007

Closure! RE DS!

Enough is enough! Having spent (literally) a day playing through RE DS (and restarting AGAIN and AGAIN), I've decided that I'm not going to spend any more time on RE DS! I beat a couple of bosses today, slaughtered several hundred zombies and a good few Hunters, uncovered a new area of the Spencer Mansion, and then was offed mercilessly without being able to save a second's progress!

That's cos the "Resident" "Evil" has nothing to do with Zombies or Horror... Its the lack of fucking save potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got at least four RE titles on various consoles as yet unplayed or uncompleted (RE Saturn, RE Gamecube, RE2 Dreamcast and RE CV: Survivor's Guide on PS2).

Why should I spend tedious hours replaying stages of an "impossible to complete" DS game when I've got LITERALLY hundreds of more forgiving titles to play through on other consoles? *Shakes fist at Capcom*

At least I've found the resolve to sack it off without being drawn in for one last attempt...

A shame, because it has SO many redeemable features...

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  1. The third screen from the bottom is definetly not RE DS. :) Great blog otherwise!

  2. Why, thank you very much Dr. Jones. Guess you're right 'bout the 3rd screen though. Must have been our resident blogging demon... I'll give it a spanking ;)

  3. *Blushes!* Yeah I kind of figured that myself... However I'm too pissed off with the game to even re-edit the post... Damn you RE DS!