Monday, May 07, 2007

Cool Herders DS

Having got all giddy about the re-emergence of the Sega Saturn classic NiGHTS, on the Nintendo Wii, imagine my absolute delight in finding out that the independently produced homebrew Dreamcast game Cool Herders was being ported to Nintendo's flagship handheld console, the DS!

This cute sheep herding (yes you read that correctly, sheep herding) game is actually far more suited to the DS than the Dreamcast, as the graphics are more in keeping with Nintendo's style, and its agricultural theme can be likened to Harvest Moon games for the DS forerunner, the Game Boy Advance. (Jeez that was a long sentence.)

I'm hoping that this might lead to more homebrew Dreamcast appearing on the DS. Alice Dreams or Last Hope perhaps?

Oh and while I'm on the subject of Dreamcasts and DS games, having armed myself with both my VMU game Chao Adventure, and my DS and my entire games collection of DS games for this weekend's trip to Barcelona - only my Dreamcast VMU saw any action! So a seven year old peripheral for the Dreamcast can still cut the gaming mustard! Happy days! Photo evidence of this phenomena will appear on this forum soon...

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  1. Excellent post father, excellent. Btw, do androids dream of electric sheep?

  2. As I said somewhere else, I like a bit of erm... Dick.

    BTW do androids snack on silicon chips?

  3. Hehehe.. LOL



    Ah, that was brilliant!

  4. MUFC are sponsored by 'AIG', but d'you know what it stands for?

    Almost In Greece...