Sunday, May 27, 2007

Streets Of Rage On The Game Gear...

Well, hello!

Probably a bit inspired by the last Master System Monday post, I've just secured Streets Of Rage for the Game Gear! This cartridge cost me a fiver, and I reckon it was a bargain....

Bought from the fabulous Mr. Khan of Rusholme Consoles fame, this purchase needs little introduction...

Why its a time tested piece of gaming history... THE side scrolling beat 'em up!

What is (possibly) of more relevance is the fact that the same lovely Mr. Khan has agreed to sell me a Sega Megadrive/Mega CD console add on PLUS unique Sega Mega CD console and five games for the princely sum of forty English pounds! Hoo- Fuckin-Ray!

And all with Mrs. K's blessing! Cripes! Heck! Blimey!

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