Thursday, May 31, 2007

A ColecoVision emulator for the PSP

What good would the PSP's shiny huge screen be, if it weren't able to play classic '80s ColecoVision games? Apparently not much, and to make sure you're enjoying your fair share of retro gaming on the go, do give the brilliant freeware PSP Colem a try. Oh, and did you know Coleco stood for Connecticut Leather Company?

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  1. About the best use I could think of (other than a door stop)for the PSP! I'll be encouraging my eldest to download this (as the ratio of DS to PSP has shifted form 2:2 to 3:1 in my house of late).

    PSP! You're days are numbered..

  2. A happy household indeed... Oh, and if you're thinking of PSP uses, well Football Manager might be another decent one... Actually I'm quite intrigued by the little bugger...

  3. It's all gone a bit Nintendo in my house lately... This evening, me and the two littlest Gingers were absorbed in DS nonsense... Them playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Joe playing through Red Steel, me enraptured by/hating RE DS (I'm trading it in tomorrow... But that's another story...)

    Joe the eldest (and frankly non-Ginger) doesn't game on his PSP. He uses it as an MP3, photo album and occasionally DVD player.

    Objectively I know the PSP is a worthwhile console (if for nothing more than as a recepticle for Dreamcast ports - Powerstone, Virtua Tennis etc) but really, it holds no lasting appeal...

  4. I guess I'll believe you not rush into buying one... It's not cheap either.

    What's more, I've actually noticed that quite a few houses are turning into Nintendo ones... Wish it were SEGA..