Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Not Been The Best Of Evenings...

Well, here we are...

Me, Gnome and the other three people that populate this blog...

I've just watched my second team Liverpool getting unceremoniously dumped from the Champions League Final by *cough!* AC 'Mother-feckin' Milan...

Not good, obviously... and at times like this, you clutch at straws that can uplift you...

Well how about this...

On Monday, (when I originally posted the piss poor review of "Stweet's Of Wage" for the Master System) I actually received a lovely package...

An original Gameboy Colour 'Pikachu Edition' PLUS a Gameboy Camera peripheral AND a roll of film filled PRINTER!

Gee Whillickers Batman!
You mean I could take pix on my Gameboy Colour? And actually print them out?

Hell Yes!

How about that?

So far, I've actually only taken one pic... But at some point I can dick about with it and actually print off photos!! Cripes how retrospectively cool is that?


  1. Ah, how I remember the delights of the Gameboy Camera and how we messed about with it at school.

    Of course, I was never 'lucky' enough to own one myself but I took great delight in seeing amusing pictures dotted on the walls around school.

  2. The purchase of 6 Double AA batteries and I'm in business (providing the printer works...)

    Good to see you here Tom!

  3. A fantastic little retro treasure Father ;) Besides, I hadn't heard of roll filled printers since the Spectrum era... Brilliant!

  4. Good to be here!

    Although I can't say anything bad about gnome I do love a good fatherkrishna post! :-)

  5. So do I Tom, so do I :)