Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pokemon Pinball (Game Boy Colour)

I have taken a Game Boy Colour into my place of work this week, in order to snatch those illicit minutes of gaming that one can only sneak when you should be doing your job. Game Boys of various types are big news in my house at the moment, due to a resurgence of interest in Pokemon.
Now I never got into Pokemon, despite indulging my kids interest by buying cards, Pokeballs, capsule toys (and even going to the cinema to watch Pokemon the Movie). Hell, I can even name a few - Squirtle, Blastoise, Bulbasaur and Pikachu! But as a game, the Game Boy franchise just never appealed. My middle son -13, is now teaching his younger brother- 9, the ways of the Pokemon on GBA, like some sage like guru... They've both abandoned PS2, DC, PSP and DS to concentrate on the different versions of Pokemon for the GBA, with such names as Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green. In fact it's safe to say that my middle son has got a good eight whole years (on and off) from these games...

Now, as well as a rather lovely Mario game (definitive Nintendo fayre), I have a rather fabulous Pokemon Pinball game which I'm loving at the moment. This is not in any way like the 'gotta catch 'em all' Pokemon franchise they are playing, just a rather fabulous Pinball sim, but very heavily Pokemon themed.

The cartridge itself has a rather lovely rumble pack, supported by two AAA batteries. It looks a little ungamely, but works extremely well. This game does not feel in any way like a retro title, (unlike Game Gear games), it actually retains a feel, stylisation and flavour that stands up very well against any of its PSP or DS peers. I'm lucky enough to own two Gameboy Colours.

You can pick up these babies for peanuts these days. If I were you I would snag one and Pokemon Pinball ASAP!

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  1. Seems like the Wii's approach has gotten your creativity rising. Another fantastic post Father. Guess I'll treat meself to one of these...

  2. I would if I were you Gnome... It's awfully echoey in here isn't it?

  3. Yes, yes, I'm sorry :) Still, I 'm doing my best, really. As multitasking as it goes...

  4. I just meant it seems to be a place where only you and I ever visit...

    Still if so, that's fine!


  5. Actually, we got roughly 100 unique visitors / day y'know. Not that shabby, but I'll try to promote the place a bit more. And of course contribute to your excellent posts too...

  6. It says color, not colour you eurofag.

  7. What a pathetic anonymous cretin... Sad, really.

  8. i agree with you completely, this is a fantastic game that deserves more credit than it has, i've been playing this one for 10 years and i still manage to come back for more!