Monday, May 14, 2007

Master System Monday # 9: Caleb's Collection!

"Monday Monday... Looks good to me..." So sang California soft rockers, The Mamas and The Papas. But obviously they didn't have a clue about the true nature of the day, because Monday is always a ball ache. Waking up knowing you've got the whole working week ahead of you, scraping yourself out of bed and facing the dreary prospect of the same old shit on a different day...

It's at times like this that we have to look for the things that can brighten the gloom of this darkest of days. One such glimmer comes from the opportunity to wax lyrical about the Sega Master System, (you know that 8 bit marvel, whose games can coincidentally be played on the equally fantastic handheld Sega Game Gear...)

Today's topic is to showcase the truly wonderful collection of Caleb (he of Saturn Junkyard and Hunyak fame).
Caleb is a commited Retro Gamer and self confessed good will store/garage sale addict. He recognises the intrinsic value of older games that other gamers have consigned to the scrap heap. His Master System collection is rather lovely... Look here...

Consequently he is amassing quite a collection of retro consoles and games. Showcased here is Caleb's quite fantastic Master System collection, replete as it is with TWO light guns AND the legendary 3D glasses.

(There are many reasons to enjoy retro gaming, as considered by the marvellous Racketboy here...)

Oh and the other wonderful feature is that Caleb also cleverly informs us that any Dreamcast owner (and you all should be...) can also enjoy Master System fun via an emulation disc!

You see Monday aint so bad after all...


  1. Excellent post Father, excellent. Now, have an early look @

  2. Oooohhh!!! I've come over all giddy!!!

    Fucking fan-fucking-tastic! Top banana!

    PING! :)

  3. I knew you'd appreciate it Father. A man of grat taste indeed... Still, the design is far from over...