Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Master System Monday # 7: The Sega Master System Guitar

Holy 8 Bit Systems Batman!

Wow! I was just editing the piss poor post I put up for Master System Monday #7 (Jeez time flies...) When I came upon this! Lawks-a lordy!

An electric guitar fused with a Master System! There is a God! Jesus! If only Alex Kidd had one of these beauties he could still be Sega's mascot!

If Jimi Hendrix had one of these he could still be alive! Possibly!

Anyway, this is the sort of stuff and nonsense which makes life worth living as far as I'm concerned...

Hey and we're almost near to Wii day! (May 16th - Father Krishna's almost top secret 40th birthday - No, please I don't want a fuss...)

Life is good! :)


  1. Amazing video Father, amazing. Oh, and ...uhm... thanks for keeping this place alive. I'll try to keep up and regain my posting pace of yore...

  2. You're too kind Gnome! Glad to be of service... My posts are merely B-Movies to your main features...

    Sad about United isn't it? MWWWUUUAAAHHHAHHHAA!! :)

  3. I knew you'd be devastated :) Then again, the semis aren't that bad really. Oh, and if it's B-movies your producing, I'm coming up with ads...