Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creating games on the Game Boy Advance

If you thought brilliant e-books aimed at professional game makers haven't been free since Chris Crawford's classic The Art of Computer Game Design, well, think again, for here is the unreleased Programming the Game Boy Advance: The Unofficial Guide in all its freeware glory. And if anyone's interested in paying a modest price, the CD that would accompany said book were it ever (despite Nintendo) to grace the shelves, is also available for download, as well as quite a few developer friendly links.

Just know, that this is a programmer's book and, I'm afraid, modest C++ experience is required in order to appreciate it. Then again, it's never to late, is it? Learn some C/C++.

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  1. Nice find! Apart from games 'n' music, do you know of any commercially available cartridges with homebrew for GBA or DS on them?