Friday, May 25, 2007

An Interesting Phenomenon...

Well I've just enjoyed an evening on my DS exploring for the first time in proper detail, the Games 'N Music accessory, first flagged up by Gnome.

I'm not going to say too much about it, other than I bought it expressly to play the emulation of Dragons Lair (the 80s laser disc/arcade phenomenon which looks like a Disney movie) on my DS.

Having successfully installed it on my DS, I bemoaned the fact that it wasn't a playable demo.

Well in fact it IS! I was watching it again for the umpteenth time, when I decided to mash buttons, as Dirk The Daring was about to be swallowed by some tentacled monster in the moat...

and somehow he evaded his fate and ended up within the castle!

Of course my rhapsody only lasted a mili-second before he was crushed by a ton of falling rocks, but it proved that it's not just a demo but a playable game! I'll get back to you on whether or not I ever managed to play any further but it was something of an epiphany to progress that little bit...

Anyway! That's not what I wanted to tell you about... It's this...

The middle PSP owning Ginger has traded in his PSP for a DS! Although this was a financially crap deal, the pleasure he has got from his new console is exponential! Now I know what goes on within the good Father's household, is not symptomatic of gaming trends throughout the nation,
but I suggest to you that it is quite significant.

The middle Ginger is perhaps the purest gamer in Krishna Towers. Aged 5, he once cut a family holiday short to return to Manchester with his mum, 'cos he was missing his Megadrive!

Having coveted owning a PSP (and saved up to get one) he has eventually succumbed to the might of the DS! And he's LOVING it!

He's 13 - quite a significant target age to console manufacturers, and he's voted with his feet!

What franchise has swung his allegiance? Why the second biggest selling video game franchise of all time... Pokemon! (Pearl to be precise...)

The Nintendo phenomena has swept the sales figure in Japan, and is currently sweeping my house!

Nintendo! DS! It's gonna come out the winner... Watch this space!

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