Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Game Gear Gadgets Growing Gradually...

Well here I am back after a lovely micro-break that saw me take my Game Gear for a bit of a test drive. The first (and only) game I tried though, (Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six), proved to be a bit of a disaster. We can forgive the grainy graphics and poor contrast... It's from 1992 ...It was great for it's time.

But the game itself is as furiously frustrating as it gets...

Buying Game Gear games is a bit hit and miss. There is usually no manual, no box, no instructions. In this game, a lovely side scrolling beat'em up, one plays as Spidey. You can walk, jump, climb walls, move along them horizontally and vertically, and sling webs. But you can't sling them at the criminals! They seem to serve no purpose! And while you're busy slinging away, the criminals come up and punch you!
Until you die... Not great!!!

All of this frustration made me regret taking the Game Gear away, and I quickly sloped off to the wonderful DS. In fact the Game Gear only proved worth bringing when I used it as a tiny portable TV, so that my kids could watch a TV show that their younger cousin was forbidden from looking at on the main TV.

So I wasn't feeling too enamoured with the system until this evening when an extremely bountiful haul was sold to me by Mr. Kahn of the wonderful Rusholme Consoles.

For £23 I got all this... the wonderful Plasma Sword for the Dreamcast as well as Wild Metal, Deep Fighter and Championship Surfer for said console. I also got a third party Fission Dreamcast Fishing Rod and Fission Dreamcast Light Gun boxed up... As well as this Mr. Kahn threw in a plug in chargeable power pack for my Game Gear AND one of these...

A converter that allows me to play all of my Master System games on my Game Gear!!!
So now I can review my Master System games for Master System Mondays (if I ever get started on it) on my Game Gear!! Cosmic huh?

Oh and Resident Evil for DS is one of the most sublime video game experiences I have ever had on any console...

But I'll tell you about that another time...

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  1. Another fantastic post Father. And those Game Gear add-ons, mainly the Master System converter, seem so absolutely delicius... Tempting, very tempting. As for RE DS, well, I know I'm buying it now.

    Thanks maitre...

  2. Why thankyou Gnome! Full and extensive review of RE DS coming soon. In fact it's mighty glory has led me to purchase two more DS games. I now know that when I travel I don't have to cart around a Dreamcast!

    Oh BTW! Caleb has made his first post over at The Saturn Junkyard and it's a good'un!

  3. Off to read it asap.

    By the way, just spent my last euros buying RE DS... Which games did you buy?

  4. Project Rub and Sonic Rush! Project Rub was only £5! How are you getting on with RE DS?
    I think it's sublime!

  5. Haven't played much of it yet, but it's lovely in the atmosphere department and the hilarious tackyness of the dialogue. Quite accessible too... Sublime? Uhm, perhaps, not sure yet, but I'll definitely let you know....