Friday, March 30, 2007

PSP 3.30 firmware & some hackers

Right. The Sony PSP firmware reached version 3.30, allowing for higher-res video to be played and featuring a variety of thumbnail options. What about homebrew, then, I hear you ask, did they get around to allowing people some freeware experience on the handheld? Of course not. You still have to google for Dark Alex. Oh, and perhaps read an interview with the icons of PSP hacking.

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  1. You would think that the big corporations would have attempted to embrace and accomodate the hacking/homebrew community. As well as being fiendishly clever types, who could contribute to the repertoire of the consoles, the companies themselves could sponsor and encourage development and make a buck or two along the way... long live the hackers!

  2. Long live the hackers, indeed, but I'm pretty sure corporations know and guard their intersts only too well. They do not care about free software on their closed systems that not only doesn't bring any profit, but might hamper the selling of licensced games...