Friday, March 02, 2007

Panzer Dragoon Mini Game Gear

Apparently SEGA's 8-bit portable wonder was the only 8-bit console ever to get a Panzer Dragoon game. Then again, it looked just like it does in the video above and -unfortunately- was a rather shite game too. Still, Panzer Dragoon...

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  1. OK as a great fan of Panzer Dragoon and to a lesser extent the Game Gear, even I will admit it looks pretty shite...

    Won't stop me buying it if I ever come across it though...

  2. You know you'll end up living on the streets, don't you?

  3. LOL!!! I know! I know!

    Just bought a second pair of Cha Cha Amigo maracas off Play Asia...

    I don't need them!!! Really I don't!

  4. The Maracas? Of course you need them... The are the absolute DC must-have...

    Anyway, I can give you my tent anytime.