Monday, March 19, 2007

Master System Monday #2: Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

For the second weekend running, my lovely DS has been redundant. For both the purposes of this very blog, and also for my own entertainment, I have been playing my Master System games on my Sega Game Gear. This has been so entertaining that my progress through Resident Evil DS has been put on hold, whilst I get to grips with retro titles from 15 years ago!

This week's game was the sublime "Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse". Like many Game Gear/ Master System games this is a 2D side scrolling platformer.

The premise of the game is that whilst nodding off reading a fairy tale book, our minuscule hero finds himself in a magical land where a crystal has been kidnapped. In order to complete the game Mickey has to work his way through a variety of lands overcoming a plethora of foes and rescue it... (Bloody original scenario I know...)

As you control Mickey you have to run, jump, duck, swim , throw rocks and collect apples. As well as enemies such as birds, snakes and spiders, Mickey has to hang on as tornadoes blow past. As he swims he has to come up for oxygen periodically and battle against rip tides!

The game plays beautifully and quickly becomes addictive! Although I didn't complete it, it provided the perfect game for late Saturday night, whilst I drank beer and watched Laurel and Hardy (another retro pleasure of mine), one eye on the game and one on the TV set!

Hey! You can grab this little treat for your Master System from eBay or for your Game Gear over at Play Asia. I thoroughly recommend this title for all you retro lovers out there! And if I ever take enough time to get through it, I'll let you know straight away!

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  1. Excellent oh excellent one. And I think I've played the Mega Drive version of this little game. Castle of Illusion I believe it was called...

  2. Actually that's a different game altogether! must seek it out for comparison with this one... I'm quite smitten with it!

  3. Different, huh? Well doesn't matter, really, as it too was quite fantastic for tthe time. Felt like a cartoon really.