Monday, March 12, 2007

Master System Monday #1: Out Run Europa

There is a great deal of correlation between the Sega Game Gear and The Sega Master System. In fact the Game Gear was just a mini Master System with a built in screen. Most Game Gear games were just ports of Master System or Megadrive/Genesis games.

So it is suitably fitting and, with The Good Gnome's approval, that I review my Master System game collection here on Gnome's Gaming On The Go. As long as I play it them on my Game Gear. On the go...With the adaptor I mentioned last time... Hope that sets up the scenario for future posts... *Cough!*

Out Run Europa is a peach of a game. Coming out of Yu Suzuki's AM2 stable, one wouldn't really expect anything other than excellence!

The game is a follow on from Outrun, the early eighties driving arcade game that really defined the genre. However, Outrun Europa is not just a racing game, it's a story driven racer, pitting you against a band of thieves. As well as chasing these thieves and barging them off the road, the player has to refuel his stomach by driving over burgers and other food stuff. In Out Run Europa you start off on a motorbike, as opposed to a car. Other vehicles include a jet ski!

Drive too slowly and the Police will arrest you... (fascists!)

The game has elements of Super Hang On and is a lovely retro blast!

Playing the game this weekend, actually caused me to put down my beloved DS, in favour of it's 15 year old Game Gear counterpart, the gameplay is that good! To find out more about this lovely game look here and here. Keep scanning Retro Treasures and you too could be the proud owner of both a Master System and a Game Gear and enjoy the beautiful symbiotic/interactive relationship between the two!

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  1. Master System Monday... brilliant, brilliant. Keep it up dear father!

  2. I'll try your Gnomeship! I have to say I've rather enjoyed this first excursion!

  3. That's great to know oh beloved Father of the people! Are we using a ship next time?

  4. I've got my games and music thingy... haven't got a bloody clue what to do with it though! LOL!