Monday, March 26, 2007

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence DS Review

So here it is! A very American video review of the best game I've played on the DS so far. Playing 'RE DS' made me feel that the DS was a console that went beyond the confines of the description of "handheld". For me, to a certain extent, the tag "handheld" implied something of an inferior status to the consoles that sit under our TVs. Smaller right? So less technology could be crammed into its tiny casing? Not so! I always thought that Gameboy (or Lynx, or Gamegear or whatever...) provided a 'quick fix' for gamers on the go. It was a 'snack' compared to a 'meal'... Providing a taste of gaming without the full hit. I now know I was wrong.

Now, having at last clocked up some quality time on handhelds (DS, PSP, GBA and Gamegear) I've realised my assumptions were incorrect. Handhelds are as valid a gaming medium as their larger counterparts. In the past I would literally pack my Dreamcast, controllers, games, Light Guns etc, into a bag and lug them with me to any place I had to visit. I needed to know that I could hook them up and play wherever I was!

With the DS (and Gamegear) I now know that I have consoles that can sustain my gaming needs whilst on the move !

(If I'm honest, I still lug that bagged up Dreamcast around from place to place, but since 'RE DS', it sometimes stays in the bag...)

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