Monday, March 26, 2007

Resident Evil Deadly Silence Trailer

This is what the game looks like! I've no idea how they got the tiny camera to film this off the DS screen, but it's a good little visual sample of the graphical beauty of this particular title. The first person view of the zombie being slashed is achieved by swiping the DS stylus across the bottom screen. It's a great game, but for a shitty and arrogant review of this hallowed title , check the 'funny' assessment below! Whilst i know some people might have a problem with the remake of an old title (in terms of stifling originality), these two blurts need to jump off their superiority podium and pucker up whilst I spread my glutus maximus! The DS version brings the Saturn/PS1 roots of the franchise to a new generation. It utilises the innovation of the DS and presents a classic game 'reborn'! The stylus controls your zombie slashing... Great! Blow onto the touch screen to give the 'kiss of life' to your injured S.T.A.R.S colleague GREAT!

So it samples the mid-nineties video from the original Saturn game?

GREAT! It was good then and it's good now! I bet that the mentality portrayed by our colonial cousins in this review, is the same mentality that said sampling in music was showing a lack of originality. Well I suggest that they are wrong people! The 'rebirth' of the title on DS is as exciting as hearing James Brown riffs in Public Enemy songs! Buy it, play it, love it!

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  1. This makes me pissed off that I don't have my original RE disk any more...

    I mean the damn PS1 disk was worth it just for the crappy yet awesome intro video...

    Why the hell did I ever get rid of it? Oh money...

  2. LOL! But now you have the pleasure of being able to hunt it down for the Saturn Caleb! And you are right it is an awesome game!!

  3. And the intro video is quite shocking too :)