Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Louder headphones for the Sony PSP

Sony started its devastating attack against our ears over 20 years ago with the release of the legendary Walkman, went on to produce a variety of ultra powerful portable sound devices, apparently felt bad with itself and ended up marketing a handheld games console (that's the Sony PSP silly) that just isn't loud enough. Enter the devious Mr. Gameunreal from the PSPmod forums and his How to make your Sony PSP heaqdphones louder guide. You know, just to make sure hearing aid companies will never starve and games sound as the Devil himself intended them too... LOUD!

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  1. If it were'nt for the fact that my eldest PSP owning Ginger already does his ear drums enough damage with his incessant 'niche' music (Yes I don't know what that means either)I'd let him in on this...

  2. "Niche"... hmm... Probably meaning the direct opposite of pop, but what could it be? Free Jazz, Punk, Heavy Metal, or am I just too old to know?

  3. No it's a fusion of garage, grime and house actually... lots of BPM and high pitched squeaky samples...

  4. Yep, definitely not my thing...