Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crush Review (PSP)

See? The hotly anticipated Crush (dev: Kuju, pub: Sega) puzzle game, in which gamers repeatedly crush a 3D world and guide a platforming insomnia-suffering kid around imaginative levels, has been released, and it's bloody brilliant. At least according to metacritic, it is. Gametrailers doesn't seem to disagree either... Here's their excellent video review:

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  1. Brilliant post, excellent video! This is EXACTLY what the PSP needs!

    Although this is the sort of game that makes my brain ache, the PSP needs it!

    It cannot (as it has up to now) simply be a mini-playstaion that can handle ports of older titles!

    I can't see myself rushing out to buy this... But it's original and innovative!

    GO SEGA!

  2. And you get to crush worlds... Of course you are absolutely right on the fact the PSP absoltely needs such games. I mean, it is a bloody handheld...