Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics screenshots and info

It's been over 20 years since the first Game Boy and we still haven't seen a proper Dungeons and Dragons RPG solely created to be played and enjoyed on a handheld. Besides The Eye of the Beholder for the Atari Lynx, that is, even though it was in essence a PC port. Anyway, Kuju and Atari think they spotted a chance there and will soon release the very promising, very D&D, absolutely beardy and 100% turn-based Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics for the Sony PSP.

See the screenshots above? Nice aren't they? Gamepro has dozens more, and Eurogamer more than a couple extra ones happily mixed with gameplay and promo videos. Oh, and to read a pretty informative interview with the game's developers click your way (once again) to Eurogamer.

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  1. Now if only I could get the biggest Ginger (Joe) to be interested in this... as the only PSP owner in the house, he's more interested in downloading gutter talking British Hip Hop MCs than playing games...

    Where did I go wrong..?

  2. Obviously you should have provided the kid with more horror/fantasy stuff Father. But still, there is time... A Lord of the Rings Trilogy and a D&D game should probably do the trick.

    BTW, aren't those new PSP games so very lovely?