Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blizzard's Diablo for Game Boy Color video

Could have been one of the best handheld games ever, but it simply wasn't meant to be. Diablo himself decided to stay un-portable. Shame, really, as this classic dungeon hack is just made for quick gameplay burst. Ahh, anyway. Watch the video and find out more about this Diablo tech demo over at the fantastic Past to Present blog.

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  1. Has a huge Diablo II fan (my favorite game ever) i'm ashamed i never knew about this.

    Thanks for the info gnome :)

  2. Thanks for reading nebachadnezzar... Can't say I knew anything of them game meself untill I sort of stumbled upon it...

  3. Great find! I know nothing about this... What are the chances of this being resurrected like some of the other vapour ware that has reappeared on Saturn or Dreamcast?

  4. I really wouldn't know... Besides I'm pretty sure it would be extremely difficult to get it on cartridge. Having a look at it through an emulator seems the only probable way methinks.