Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command free PSP demo

Ok let's suppose you're neither interested in the dark, orc infested and elaborate Warhammer 40,000 universe, nor in the most ambitious RTS to ever hit the strategy starved Sony PSP. Let's even overreact and suppose you simply don't care about Warhammer 40,000 Squad Commander at all. Well, you still got to download the free demo THQ has been decent enough to provide us with, just to help companies understand how popular them demos are.

Download the 6.3 MB archive either from THQ, GameSpot, Filefront or PSP fanboy. All you'll need to run it will be your very own vanilla PSP and a USB cable. Oh, and here's the game's official website.

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  1. Warhammer? What were we talking about? Do you have to buy small metal figures?

    Did I mention I now own a PSP?

    LOL! :)

  2. I prefer the Lord of the Rings 360 RTS over this.

  3. fatherkrishna: my email is not getting to you somehow. You can download the beta of Encounter Zone at Grab it from the links in the upper right side of the page.

  4. ah, but 40K for the DS or the PSP?

    PSP: Better graphics, voices

    DS: More real estate, the stylus controls

    There are things I like about both displays: the wide view of the PSP and the dual map/main view of the DS.

    The stylus seems ideal for RTS, especially for unit selections and movement commands. And for a game like this, I would think controls is a bit more important than graphics. Otherwise, the game will be the same for both platforms.

    The local/global multiplayer & voice chat support for both will be nice, too.

  5. (considers raping FK with a PSP)

    Naaah... Oh, and toy soldiers are definitely not needed Father.

    An excellent game indeed Funnyman, but as far a handhelds go, don't think you got much to choose from.

    Besides, dear guttertalk, the NDS is my only true option. Oh, and thanks for the mini review. BTW, it's nigh on impossible finding a copy of Etrian Odyssey. Meh...

  6. Oh, that's not good because they're working on Etrian Odyssey 2.

    Any reason why you couldn't play a copy from the U.S.?

  7. No reason really dear guttertalk, but quite a few problems. Play-Asia is out of stock, as is and and US sites in general only ship games to US and/or diplomatic addresses. Guess I'll just have to wait...