Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Nintendo DS Arkanoid Paddle

I always believed the stylus, at least the Pocket PC and NDS one, was a pretty decent way to control them Breakout and Arkanoid clones, but apparently Taito had some radically different ideas and I just couldn't agree more with them, despite being one of the few Arkanoid fanboys left on the planet...

Arkanoid DS, you see, will be released (at least in Japan this December) with a most impressive controller that'll happily fit into the DS' GBA cartridge slot and remind everyone of the proper way these games ought to be played: the arcades of yore way. To find out more on said release visit Siliconera and Famitsu.

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  1. AWESOME! Rest assured, gnome, you're not the only Arkanoid fanboy left out here.

    Still, putting the nostalgia/retro love aside, I think the stilus, if done correctly, could be faster and more precise than the good ol' arkanoid controller.

  2. Ah great! We can start a support group then...

    The Stylus worked pretty fine for me on the Penny Arcade Arkanoid clone on PPC, admittedly. Still, this thingy looks pretty fantastic...

  3. Your desire for a controller indicates zee father-figure complex and control issues. Und zee Arkanoid obsession ees a sign of conflict with zat control for eet ees an expression of breaking away.

    Und I won't even talk about zee significance of zee knob and zee fixation on role playing.


  4. Mein Gott!

    I knew it doctor. Told everyone, but they just wouldn't listen. Besides I always loved the institutions gardens. And of course the goblin.

    Thank you. Guess I won't even have to bother with the army either...

  5. Very funny Dr. Guttertalk! Gott in himmel!

    I don't know about the army Gnome... They'll take you if your ready to swallow the crap they feed you and go and squat in a bunker in Iraq while insurgents throw home made bombs at you, it could be a good career choice...

  6. Well, to be frank, even if Iraq is absolutely out of the question, the army will definitely grab 'n' drag me to some god-forsaken part of Greece for a year or so. Unless of course the good doctor manages to convince 'em of my insanity...

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