Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Orcs & Elves Nintendo DS video

Actually, what you hopefully just watched was the QuakeCon 07 developer walkthrough of the forthcoming Orcs & Elves NDS CRPG we mentioned a few days (or was it weeks?) ago. Looks interesting, doesn't it? Still, Etrian Odyssey (check guttertalk's views on it) ..uh.. still looks like the DS RPG of choice...

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  1. I would like to see that come to console. Orks & Elves, my kinda thing...

  2. My too really. And I do believe the leap from the DS to the Wii aint that difficult to be achieved...

  3. I've been playing Wolfenstein 3D on the DS, which I've always thought of as a dungeon crawler.

    I'm considering playing a strategy game like Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (GBA).

  4. Actually, I'd rather play D&D Tactics (shipping 8/14 in the US), but I'm PSP poor.

  5. D&D Tactics seems like one of the most promising games cross-platform. Unfortunately I'm PSP poor meself and Etrian Odyssay will probably be the next game I'll buy. The Games TM review sealed its fate...

  6. I was kind of expecting more from the game, it all just seems like a graphically improved version of the original game without any major improvements and even the graphics could be better. Anyway, lets wait for the final version to see if its a good game by itself or just a mediocre port.

    guttertalk, Tactis Ogre is awesome, go for it! ;)

  7. Hey Gnome, KongsNutz here from yafaze gaming in Aus.

    Would you like to affiliate?

    if so heres my link


  8. YaFaze: link exchange done! Great blog!

    Underwhelmed too, huh Nebacha? Still, have you tried Etrian Odyssey?

  9. Never heard of that game before. Saw a video right now and it doesn't really look like my type of game. I prefect the more direct approach of Orcs & Elves.

  10. So, I take it, the mapping/cartography system didn't impress you huh? Well, it's a matter of taste methinks...

  11. To be honest I'm not really a fan of dungeon crawlers RPG's, with Orcs & Elves being an exception.

    I'm not really a big fan of RPG's in general because they usually consume so much time, but I like to play one from time to time. For example, right now I just beat Rogue Galaxy, an RPG for the PS2, and I loved it, but it took me, according to my save game, 27 hours to complete (!). It's just to much time to spend on a single game.

    Sure, my latest Oblivion save game has 105 hours to it, without any of the expansions, just the core game, but that's an exception...

  12. I see... Then you definitely wouldn't appreciate it were I to suggest you tried Planescape Torment on the PC, would you?

    BTW, I quite lve RPGs, though admittedly don't have the time for them anymore. That's why a chance to play them on the DS sounded great...

  13. Dear gnome, I think you would be surprised to see my collection of 2D RPG's for the pc.

    You see, I'm a proud owner of, to name just a few:

    Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast expansion

    Baldur's Gate II and Throne of Bhaal expansion

    IceWind Dale and both Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster expansions

    IceWind Dale II

    and, of course, that awesome game that goes by the name of Planescape Torment!

    Unfortunately, due to my short attention span, I never completed any of those games, but if I recall correctly I went pretty far on Planescape Torment. The last place I remember being in was some kind of labirinth or something, were you read somewhere that *SPOILER* "you shouldn't trust the skull", obviously referring to our floating companion.

  14. Ah, yes, but one must always trust the skull... Especially a skull that can lead to a brothel of intellectual delights"...

    And, Nebachadnezzar, that's a most impressive CRPG collection my friend. And playing it would require -roughly- a lifetime.

  15. Been playing Orcs and Elves on my phone (YAY! I've successfully downloaded a game for my phone! - I've also downloaded a Led Zeppelin Box Set, an Oasis LP -sorry Gnome- the best of Eminem, a couple of Beach Boys tracks and the new Robyn tune onto it! - My new phone rocks!!!)

    Back to Orcs and Elves... Its bloody great isn't it? I look forward to its rebirth on the DS...

  16. Wow, must be quite the phone huh? Despite sporting them Oasis... Still, Led Zeppelin and a few Orcs are all a Father should ever need...