Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jeanne D'Arc free UMD demo (PSP)

Jeanne D'Arc, besides being a rather famous French warmongry lady, is also a promising RPG for the Sony PSP set in a quasi-medieval, historically inspired fantasy world (that would be Europe with dragons, actually). The interesting bit is that you can now grab a free UMD with a demo version of the game and happily be free of any preview-reading need. How? Simple. Just follow this link and it will be more than obvious.

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  1. Damn! They're not shipping to Europe! Bastards!

  2. Perhaps we should burn the heretics then?

  3. This looks really cool. Shame it's wasted on PSP.

  4. Actually it's more of a shame my utter lack of any PSPs whatsoever... :)