Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DeSmuME (sort of) emulates the DS on the PSP

Well, don't imagine any touch screen attachments for Sony's shiny handheld, but, still, DeSmuME will sort of allow PSP owners to enjoy some Nintendo DS games, provided of course they can put up with painfully slow frame rates and the distinct lack of a second screen. Oh, and sticking to homebrew wouldn't be such a bad idea either. Actually, not trying to play any games would be an even better idea, even though -admittedly- getting some dirty emulated NDS fun on a PSP screen does sound intriguing enough to give it a try. Click here to download DeSmuME emulator for the PSP.

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  1. Hey gnome, drop me an email if you can - I have a Q for you. Thanks!

  2. Think I just did, but not sure if I got the mail correctly.

  3. There is also a PC version of the emulator, which is one of the DS emulators I talked about sometime ago.

    I tried to play New Zealand Story (2D game) and it was graphically perfect but painfully slow. I didn't even tried to run a 3D game on it...

  4. I remember you speaking about the PC version Nebachadnezzar, but I'm pretty sure the PSP version is way slower. And the analog stick isn't as good as a muse...

  5. Bah! Just buy a DS you PSP owning fools...

  6. (but don't throw the PSP away)