Friday, July 13, 2007

Orcs and Elves Nintendo DS & Mobile sequel

Orcs and Elves, the acclaimed mobile phone RPG by id software, the same that was voted Best Mobile Game of 2006 and collected tons of E3 prizes, will be getting a sequel. Yes, EA announced so. Expect Orcs and Elves 2 to be available some time before the upcoming holiday season.

As for the Nintendo DS, well, it will be getting its very own Orcs and Elves game too, courtesy of EA, id and Fountainhead.

Legendary John Carmack even noted that "Orcs & Elves was a perfect fit for the DS. We were able to take excellent advantage of the 3D hardware and unique user input capabilities, and expand the game to include a lot of wonderful features that we just couldn't fit on the cell phones. Orcs & Elves II is a polished gem of a game for the mobile platforms, opening up new parts of the world to explore, while carrying forward and improving all the elements that were loved about the original game".

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  1. I saw this game a while back and wondered if it would be id's foray in the ds market, when they suggested they were looking at that platform.

    The game sounds an RPG throwback, so I'll probably grab it as soon as it's available.

  2. I on the other hand will go for the Etrian Odyssey one you so mouth-wateringly described...

  3. Been playing Doom RPG lately, before moving on to orcs & elves, and it's a hell of a game! Can't wait to try O&E since it will probably be even better.

  4. Doom RPG was excellent indeed! O&E I frankly haven't tried, but it's bound to be better... Who knows? Review copies might just appear...

  5. Damn my mobile phone! Still haven't managed to download a decent playable game for it yet...

  6. Orcs and Elves is demoless? Have you tried Doom RPG? Taito's Arkanoid?