Monday, July 16, 2007

PSPe the first Sony PSP emulator

The PSPe, a very simple very freeware and still under development emulator, is the only way I know of to run PSP games on your PC. Thing is though, what with the emulator still in its infancy, that these games just have to be of the homebrew/demo variety, as commercial game compatibility hasn't been implemented yet. Still, it's a handy little program to check the quality of them homebrew games you download before transporting them to the actual console (or UMD). Download PSPe here.

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  1. They all start like this, now we just have to wait for more developments.

    By the way, there's already a couple of DS emulators. I tried some and was actually able to play some Pac-Pix with one (I can't remember which one, though). It was far from perfect, with a terrible framerate and I could't see what I was drawing (it didn't show up), but it's definitely a good start to make a good emulator.

  2. Indeed, PSP emulation will definitely get better. Eventually...

    As for the DS, I just can't imagine how the stylus and dual screen thingy can be effectively done... Still, I'm very intrigued.


  3. I'm just about done with freeware. To far I've managed to succefully two games and both were average at best!

    I'm gonna stick with cheap retro used goods!

  4. Or read the lovely PDF guide I posted about ;)

  5. gnome, it's easy. The dual screens are shown one above the other, like in the real thing, and the stylus is controlled by the mouse.

    The microphone can be an issue, though, but since most games don't require it...

  6. Hmmm... yes, should have been pretty obvious really. Still.. you know.. gnomes can malfunction from time to time...

  7. father, what DS cart are you using? I'm glad to try to help, if I can.

    The majority of the homebrew games (for the DS at least) are casual games or platformers. But there are other well done games out there, particularly of the strategy variety. Since you already have the hardware, it'd be nice to get you hooked up with those better games.

  8. Think Father 's using the Games 'n' Music thingy...

  9. I see that there is now a DLDI file to use with the Games n' Music, which should enable playing more games and apps.

    I'm happy to walk father (or most anyone) through the DLDI process if needed.

    Heck, maybe I'll post a walkthrough on my blog later tonight and add a little demo.

    Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but I found out through reading different things.

  10. Dear guttertalk! May I say how touched and humbled I was to find your offer of help!

    Unfortunately when I arrived on DC Emu, I couldn't get in as it told me my username and password were wrong! Ho hum!

    Thanks for trying to help me though it really is appreciated!

    As my dear friend Gnome will testify, i'm absolutely crap at IT skills, so maybe I am beyond help... LOL! :)

  11. ds emulators run commercial games fairly well.

    I very much look forward to a pc based emulator for this though. A small number of games I want to try out w/o buying a psp.

    I think progress will be very slow though as the psp itself is the ultimate emulator and all talent seems to be staying there - leaving this want unfulfilled.

    I look forward to the day when ps2,psp,ps3 and 360 games run off the pc as smoothly as psx and snes ones do :)