Friday, July 13, 2007

Machines at War Pocket PC RTS

More quality gaming for your (and my) beloved PDA, as the much anticipated Machines at War RTS has just been released. Check it out, get yourselves the demo or order it here. The game sports some mighty impressive production values, standard RTS interface, great graphics, over 40 building and unit types, 30+ techs to research, 7 landscape types and tons of randomized maps to keep you hooked.

The Pocket PC version requires 10 MB of free space, a version of Windows Mobile 2003 and is fully VGA, Square and QVGA compatible. Windows XP and Mac versions will soon follow.

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  1. So I need a pocket PC now huh? Damn that lottery win needs to come soon...

  2. I wouldn't worry... Machines at War does soun interesting, but hardly a reason to grab a Pocket PC...

  3. I'd like to buy a pocket PC. In my opinion it's a pretty cool device...
    A lot of my friends have one...

  4. A cunning move it will be young PPCer... Cunning indeed.