Thursday, July 12, 2007

Resident Evil 2 GBA Video

What you see above is all that's left of Resident Evil 2 for the Nintendo GBA, a most ambitious project, that sadly never made it to production. The video is a tech demo by Raylight Studios and one using the Blueroses Engine. Almost PlayStation quality, innit? Shame about the lack of space of your average GBA cartridge...

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  1. So this is like the grandad of RE DS huh? It does look pretty good! There was once a Gameboy version of RE called RE Gaiden, which was a top down perspective title... It was meant to be very poor...

    Still, its nice to know that we can look at this video and dream about what might have been. Great find!

  2. Thank you father.. Never heard of the RE Gaiden thingy though, and despite facing the possibility of getting a horrid game, I'm quite intrigued...