Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oric 1 & Oric Atmos emulated on Pocket PC

Better focus on the Oric Atmos methinks, as it was a) the better machine b) an upgraded Oric 1, that was once voted Best Computer in France. Oric Atmos was a rather typical 8-bit micro of the 80s with an 6502A processor, colour graphics (well, 8-colour mostly, but that was ok), proper keyboard, a disk-drive and an amazing version of BASIC. To find out more read this vintage Your Computer Atmos review or hop over to Oric World.

Apparently there were also lots of good video games released for the machine. Them you can play on your Pocket PC, provided you download the freeware PocketOric emulator. Oh, and visiting this page and scrolling down a bit will give you a rough idea of what to expect from Oric software.

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  1. you are a living, breathing, walking Wikipedia of Gaming On The Go! Another excellent post Gnome!

  2. Thank you very much -again- dear Father. Now, I'd like to turn into Pornster...