Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sony PSP 2.0 unveiled!

And it really isn't that exciting, is it? I mean look at it.. It's just a slightly smaller PSP, that will offer 64MB of internal memory as opposed to 32MB of the original, the same bright screen and complete AV connectivity. Oh, and it will be able to recharge via the USB connection. Interested? Well, better find out more @ GameSpot.

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  1. I've been debating a couple of purchases for a while, and I thought I'd wait to see what the redesigned PSP was like.

    Talk about underwhelming.

    What is the point? I thought there was talk of a display/graphics redesign that would increase the battery life, but it's still about the same at 5 hours. Lower power draw but smaller battery. geez.

    You have to do something significantly to warrant the "2.0" tag. This is more 1.1. Consider that the DS Lite was 42% the volume of the original DS and has a much better display (brightness settings).

    What actually impressed me was the shot of the video-to-tv output: That is pretty sharp, though the likelihood of using it seems low.

  2. Exactly. I mean, it's a portable console after all and hooking it up on a TV should be the least of its worries... Battery life should.

    Only good thing is that probably the price of the older PSP will go down, which means I might be getting meself a used one.

  3. What a disappointment. Guess I'll have to wait for the PSP 3.0...

    Oh Sony, how could you mess up so bad?

  4. Apparently they've lost the touch... Not that the original was that bad, mind you...

    Hey, nebachadnezzar, care to join this blog mate?

  5. Ah, great, great! All I need is an email!

  6. Wow! Nebachadnezzar on the team? Awlright!

    I agree with you Gnome, if the 2.0 allows the price of used originals to drop, I'm glad its around!

  7. So am I, so am I, for the PSP is now almost within grasp.. Now, if them bastards would only pay me... Argh!

  8. gnome:

  9. Great! I'll invite you asap!

  10. You think we'll really see a price drop on the older PSPs? Like you, I'd probably get one if they dropped to DS range. But we're not seeing much to distinguish, so I'm wondering if they'll hold the same price, just stop producing it.

    I guess it would depend on retailers.

  11. Probably does, but one can only hope. After all, usually, any new release drops the price of the older, especially in the second hand market. That's how i got my DS phat you know... :)