Wednesday, July 04, 2007

God of War: Betrayal Review (of the meta-post-sort)

Taking Kratos to the small screen, striping him of his 3rd dimension and guiding him via a fiddly mobile phone keyboard doesn't necessarily sound like the wisest of ideas. Yet, Sony went on did it anyway by releasing God of War: Betrayal (official site), a 2D side-scrolling fighter that feels like a game of the 16-bit era and is chronologically set between God of War and God of War II.

According to the brilliant -and apparently glowing- reviews by IGN (9/10) and (5 stars) the main triumph of the game is that it actually feels and plays like a proper God of War game. It's gory, action based, filled with combos and featuring some nasty special weapons, that can be powered up, as can Kratos' magic abilities. What's more, both sites found the level design of all 10 levels excellent & deep and the graphics quality way above average.

Now, while we're waiting for more reviews to come in and a chance at actually playing the thing, you could watch the trailer and learn a bit more here or read the hands-on preview 1up already posted.

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  1. Excellent post! In fact, I'm going out to get a new phone right now!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Father, but buying a new phone? I mean... Why not a new retro console? ;)

  3. Ah! That's the beauty of it! All I needed to do was to nip off to the Orange shop and renew my contract for another eighteen months, and I was elligible for a new handset!!!

    So, I've just scored a Nokia N73... rather lovely, I must say!

    All I've got to do is wait till 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and I'm good to go! I'll make God Of War my first game... So hopefully a review of that game by yours truly might appear within a week... :)

  4. But Gnome! The link to God Of War is foiled! I've got a demo of Tomb Raider on my new phone... It's got me so inspired that I just got Tomb Raider Legend for the DS...

    Help a brother out!

    FK :)

  5. Foiled? But it seems to work just fine for me... Are you sure it's not a browser thin Father?

  6. Oh! perhaps, my computer is being shit at the moment... I'll try again!