Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jam Sessions! Nintendo DS

Ever heard of this game? I actually first saw this game a long time ago in it's Japanese version, known as Guitar M06 or something. Anyway, this is not really a game. Instead it's more like a guitar simulation. In the upper screen you have up to 8 chords to choose from using the d-pad (I think) and in the lower screen you have the selected chord, which you can play using the stylus to strum it.

So, what's the point, then? Well, I guess it could be useful for people who want to try an electric guitar without having to waste a lot of cash in a guitar+amplifier combo, or even a guitar addict who desperately needs to keep playing, even when he's...let's say...on the toilet.

Anyway, looks like an interesting title, and, although I'm not a guitar player, I would definitely like to try it (did you know that I can play Nirvana's "Come as you are" in a classical guitar?).

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  1. Will the owner of this blog please contact

    Thank you

  2. I've been watching this one for a while. I saw a different video, which I can't find now, where a band played with the guitarist using Jam Sessions. It was actually pretty impressive.

    Here is the video that really got me hooked because it shows a lot more of the interface.

    You can even buy DS picks for Jam Sessions.

    I play guitar, and I'm interested in this for a variety of reasons. For one, I have young kids (5 and 7) who are really getting into music, and I can see them having a blast with this.

  3. Done Anonymous.

    Thanks for the tons of extra info guttertalk... and you play the guitar too? why, a man of many talents then...

    All I ever managed was "Smoke on the water" on a single chord.

    Another great post Mr. N!

  4. Excellent post Nebacha! Its an impressive piece of kit... My only guitar triumph is Smoke On The Water on two strings! LOL!