Friday, July 06, 2007

Dead Head Fred PSP

Intrigued? Interested in getting an almost in-depth look at this noirish Sony PSP action-adventure? Care for more CVG exclusive screenshots? Care for rat? Tired of pointless questions? Lovely. Click here then.

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  1. Do you know? I'm getting more and more intrigued by the PSP every day! I really like the look of this!

  2. Actually so do I, as I am by most recently announced PSP games. the console is finally getting the games it deserves. And some great homebrew too.

  3. Yeah it's gotta be better than that pesky DS hpmebrew... I was really close to getting lemmings and then...

    Oh well...

  4. (pats Fk's back)

    Surely you'll manage it... Have you downloaded the NDS PDF homebrew guide?