Monday, February 11, 2008

Assassin's Creed For DS

Coming hot on the heels of the PS3/XBox 360 release, our favourite hand held gets a taste of time travelling Knight's Templar fighting, free running and puzzle solving. The console release got very mixed reviews, so lets hope the DS version is better. The screen shots look quite nice...

And at the very reasonable price of just £16.90 from Play Asia, you can't go far wrong...

From the publisher:

As the direct prequel of the critically acclaimed console title Assassin's Creed™, discover more of the story of Altair as he must find "the chalice", an object of such power that whoever is in possession of it can end the Crusades. Altair will explore a fully realized 3D world traveling through four cities of the Crusade's Middle East.

The game, like its console counterpart, will feature acrobatic moves and exhilarating combo attacks that mix sword skills and kicks. The setting is 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altair, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed has been one of the most popular games in 2007.

Immerge depper into the story with the Nintendo DS™ prequel. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles is in stock now, shipping as English language Australasia release version at US$ 32.90 only. The US Version (with a different cover artwork) is expected to arrive next week.

Game features:

*Be an Assassin: Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of history's deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors.

*Action-platforming Gameplay: Fast-paced action features swordfights, combo attacks and acrobatic moves that journey through historical 3D environments.

*Choose Your Weapon: Learn and master 11 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks, featuring five swords, varying types of daggers, explosives and a grappling hook.

*Immersive Storyline: A deep and compelling storyline that will appeal to those who have both played the console title or are new to the franchise.

*Touch-Screen Mini-games: Players will be able to use the Stylus to perform pickpocket maneuvers to carefully steal precious items from the crowd and make informants speak.

*Upgrade and Rank Up: Collecting orbs will upgrade Altair's health and weapons.
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  1. Seems pointless when there is already a console version.

  2. NO! no, no, no, no, no Funnyman!
    I'm gonna buy you a DS, so you can appreciate it's brilliance...

    Can you take your PS3 on the bus?

    Oh yeah... you've got one of those old fashioned PSP things haven't you?

    Is Assassin's Creed coming out on that old dinosaur???

  3. Actually this sounds rather excellent Father and unless I'm *really* mistaken, this one should be a very different beast too.

  4. This is not a port. It's a different game from the console versions.

    But even if it were a straight port, it would still be worth having. For one, the portability and the interface for the DS makes it an excellent game platform for many.

    Second, there are more than 3.5 times as many DS owners as 360 owners. So, there are gamers for whom this is their only means to play the game.

    I'm surprised any of that has to be explained.

    Besides, probably 10% of 360 owners at any given time have their box out for repair. :)

  5. You're surprsed and I'm thankful :)

  6. "Besides, probably 10% of 360 owners at any given time have their box out for repair. :)"


    Indeed, there are more than a couple of reasons for Assassin's Creed to be on the DS and since this game is a prequel even those who played the console version might be interested.

    Personally I'm yet to play the game but I'm planning on grabbing it soon for my 360.

  7. I have no reason to be on a bus Father. I want to wear nothing but boxers and sit my hideous fat ass where it is comfortable. It is difficult to smoke, drink, and play video games simultaneously on a bus. Just play it on the PS3, so you don't have to worry about the red ring of death Guttertalk.

  8. I personally did not care for the main version.

    But this one could be interesting... it's technically impressive for a DS game, and I sure do love the DS.

  9. The majority of the gameplay was redundant, but I still had fun with it. Plus, that research scientist is a fine piece of ass. I would let her do experiments on me anytime.