Thursday, February 07, 2008

DS Drought...

I feel somewhat shame faced, sneaking back here, when I've not posted here for bloody ages. I'm frankly ashamed of my absence. There has been reasons but I won't bore you with them now...

What I will tell you about is my recent frustration about trying to get a DS Lite for the lovely Mrs. K... having finally lured my lovely (formerly game hating) wife into our world with Brain Training 2 as part of her Christmas present, I was gobsmacked to hear her announce that she wanted a pink DS Lite of her own.

So off I trudged into the desolate wasteland that was post-Christmas Manchester, to procure her one whilst she was in the mood. No luck, every store in Manchester (and I tried all of them) had sold out... That was December 28th and I wasn't at all surprised, what with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting one as a seasonal gift...

What is quite surprising, somewhat, horrifying some might say, is that the situation is exactly the same as we approach mid February... Not one shop is able to sell me one. There are signs up apologizing for this phenomenon, and the store clerks are unable to tell me when the situation will change... They all state that they never know when Nintendo are going to deliver! WTF is that all about?!!

So, the lovely freeware so generously flagged up by Gnome (underneath) has nowhere to go... sort of... if you get my gist... Come on Nintendo! You're raking it in! Open another factory in Europe! I bet you could get a DS in Tokyo... BAH!

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  1. Dear dear Father, it's so lovely having you posting here again, I think I might just go on wear a silly hat and dance my silly happy dance.

    On second thought I'd rather suggest you give Play Asia or a try and see if they are out of pink DSs too.

  2. Does father know you are talking about his wife on your blog?

  3. Well, he should be... He posted the thing...

  4. Gnome can talk about Mrs. K any time he pleases! He's part of the family! (Not being obsessed about having sex in gaming arenas and all...)

  5. Oh! And BTW let me grab one of those silly hats and join you in that dance... *FK grabs said hat and joins in silly dance, with gay abandon...*

  6. Still, I didn't talk about Mrs. K. really. Oh, and I am constantly enjoying gaming arenas sex :p

    Anyway. On with the dance.


  7. Oh, I thought this was Gnome's blog. I didn't know this was a blog post by father.

  8. I'd say it's more of a joint effort really...