Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Go! Explore turns your PSP into a GPS receiver

Starting sometime during the early bits of Spring 2008 (when Go! Explore should be released) your trusty PSP will also be able to turn itself into your trusty, portable, personal, sleek and most probably well-earned GPS receiver. Getting lost in the city while watching those ultra-popular UMD movies will, thus, no longer be an option. Yes!

Anyway. The complete Go!Explore will consists of an attachable GPS receiver and a UMD disc of the user’s chosen maps, though each bit of it should be available for purchase on its own too. According to the most interesting bits of Sony's press release:
On foot, you’ll be able to plot your way through cities in 3D thanks to the fully modelled city maps contained on the UMD discs. Simply load the UDM disc, select your destination, and watch as the city’s landmarks and points of interest appear on-screen in 3D. You can download new maps and upgrades from PLAYSTATION®Network (PSN) – a resource that guarantees you’ll find those special locations – wherever you’re travelling.

When you’re in the car, you’ll benefit from different display modes for day and night, meaning that you’ll always get the clearest view of where you’re going. And don’t worry about your battery life or where to put your PSP while driving – we’ve got Car Adaptor and Car Mount accessories on the way too – bundled together in one package.

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  1. Hopefully, it will be able to give accurate directions (unlike Mapquest).

  2. Something tells me it will...

  3. I think it will as well, but not even the best GPS in the world can help my abysmal sense of direction.

  4. Hahaha... you should see mine and I'm a bloody urban geographer...